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Harmonic Filters

Meets or Exceeds IEEE-519

  • Treats all major harmonics generated by Variable Speed Drives and other 3-phase rectifier loads
    (5th, 7th, 11th, 13th Ö)
  • Exceeds 18-pulse performance in a smaller footprint, at lower cost and without sacrificing energy efficiency
  • Easily applied to any 6 pulse input of a VFD
  • No need to use phase shiftting transformers
  • No need for costly harmonic studies
  • Will meet IEEE 519 standard for both current and voltage distortion
  • Input current demand distortion < 8% over entire operating range, < 5% at full load
  • Power factor 0.98 lagging to 0.95 leading over the normal operating range
  • Compatible with engine generators since capacitive reactance is < 15% of rated kVA even under light loads
  • Will not resonate with other power system components Will not be overloaded by other line side harmonic sources
  • Suppresses over voltages caused by capacitor switching and other fast changing loads
  • Eliminates need for drive isolation transformers, AC line reactors and DC link chokes
  • Removal of harmonics improves overall system power factor
  • Saves energy by reducing upstream harmonic losses while operating at > 99% efficiency
  • Reduces DC bus ripple and increases ride-through capability of the load
  • NEMA 3R, NEMA 1 and open style enclosures

Technical Data


Performance Guarantee

  1. Reduce Current Total Harmonic Distortion (ITHD), measured at the LINEATORô input terminals at full load, to:
    (i.) < 8% when background voltage distortion is < 5% and voltage imbalance is < 3%
    (ii) < 5% when short circuit ratio (Isc/IL), as defined by IEEE Std 519, is < 20 and when background voltage distortion is < 0.5% and voltage imbalance is < 1%
  2. Reduce Current Total Demand Distortion (ITDD), measured at the LINEATORô input terminals over its entire operating range, to levels defined in Item 1 above. ITDD is defined as the ratio of ITHD divided by the full load current (peak demand current) of the Lineatorô.
  3. Minimize the contribution to Voltage Harmonic Distortion of all VSDís equipped with the LINEATORô to < 5% total and < 3% for individual harmonics, as defined by IEEE Std 519-1992.
  4. NOT become overloaded by other upstream harmonic sources.
  5. NOT resonate with other power system components.
  6. NOT have compatibility problems with engine generator sets properly sized for the load.

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